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Why Hiring a Real Estate Agent Is a Smart Move

Teri Pacito
If you’re buying or selling a home in Southern California, the award-winning Teri Pacitto will draw on her formidable real estate experience to help you achieve your goals

Real estate agents can save you a lot of time and effort in your home buying or selling journey. Below are a few examples how these professionals can prove their value to you.

Real estate agents are local neighborhood experts

Real estate agents know their communities like the back of their hand. Whenever you’re eyeing a house in an unfamiliar neighborhood, there are crucial details that you may miss the first or second time around.

A real estate agent will alert you to services and amenities apparent only to locals, such as prompt garbage service, convenient HOA rules, or nearby parks and hospitals.

An agent can also give you access to off-market listings should there be any that fits your criteria. Experienced local agents will have usually cultivated a network of colleagues and discreet sellers who prefer the buyer recommendations of a trusted circle rather than listing the home.

Real estate agents will price and market your home effectively

When you’re in the market as a seller, an agent can help you consistently attract promising buyers so you can sell quickly within a reasonable time frame.

One of the ways to do this is to accurately price your home. You’d be surprised how many sellers make the mistake of overpricing or even underpricing their properties. To come up with the right price, agents will help you comb through data on comparable homes for sale in a given area.

Real estate agents also have the technical know-how when it comes to marketing your home listing. Using the right channels, they’ll align your property’s best features with prevailing buyer preferences.

Real estate agents will help you make informed decisions

Professional real estate agents, whether it’s in California or other markets, have designations or certifications that can be useful for you.

For instance, an Accredited Buyer Representative specializes in representing your interests as a buyer. Meanwhile, a Certified Property Manager is someone you’d most likely want to work with if you need assistance in managing your investment properties.

Additionally, real estate transactions often become challenging at a certain point. Whether it’s the emotional toll of parting with a family home or the stress of dealing with a tough negotiator, it’s normal for clients to feel a bit overwhelmed during the buying or selling process.

A professional real agent will help you keep your eye on the prize. With an even keeled ally by your side, you can make objective decisions that ensure the best outcome for all parties.

Real estate agents provide valuable insight on local market trends

Our real estate agents from The Pacitto Group have a wealth of information on real estate trends that come and go through the years.

Whether it’s the historic lows in housing inventory at the moment or the home price changes in a given period, our real estate advice has guided clients through the best and worst times. Every step in your home buying or selling journey is carefully considered.

Let me, Teri Pacitto, put my 30+ years of industry experience at your disposal to help you achieve your goals.

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