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Which Smart Home Devices Should You Try Out in 2021?

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With people spending more time than ever indoors, now is a golden opportunity to make your home more convenient and comfortable. And in today’s digital-first world, installing smart home devices is the best way to do so.

Not only do they make everyday tasks like switching on lights or setting the AC easier, but they can also add value to your property as buyers prefer modern homes.

Not all smart devices are created (and priced) equally, however, but these seven upgrades are a great place to start:

Smart light bulbs

Considered the gateway to smart home upgrades, these internet-connected light bulbs are easy to install and fairly affordable. You can control not just when the bulbs turn on or off, but also how much brightness they emit. Certain bulbs can even change colors, allowing you to instantly change the mood of any room.

Smart thermostat

Did you know that heating and cooling accounts for about 46% of your monthly energy bill? Thankfully, smart thermostats let you program your HVAC’s temperature throughout the day so you can cut down on power consumption. Even better, machine learning analyzes your usage patterns to predict the ideal settings. And you no longer have to fiddle with buttons to set your thermostat — just open the associated app or issue a voice command!

Smart home security system

Your home is your most prized asset and a smart security system will protect it from burglars. Such units often come with a 2K to 4K camera that automatically uploads video footage to the cloud so you can review it anytime and anywhere (though you’ll need to get a subscription for this service). Moreover, it can automatically alert local authorities if an intrusion is detected. Fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors can also be integrated into the system, adding another layer of protection for your family.

Smart door locks

If you want a more modern way of securing your doors, consider investing in a smart lock. These devices fit over your door’s existing deadbolt, and the lock is then released through biometrics, a smartphone command, or a voice prompt. As such, there’s no need to bring your house key or memorize a passcode when you step outside.

Smart video doorbell

With a video doorbell, there’s no guessing whether it’s your friend or a salesman at the door — the crisp video display tells you exactly who’s ringing. Since the device is internet-powered, you can even view the footage on your phone and grant people entry remotely. In many ways, it also acts as a budget home security system since it can record and upload surveillance footage, too.

Smart kitchen appliances

The kitchen is another excellent place to do upgrades. For instance, some smart refrigerators open and close with a voice prompt — a helpful feature if you’re hauling groceries in both hands. Likewise, you can start preheating a smart oven on your way home from work, saving you time. Want to cut down on the amount of bottled water you buy? Filter your drinking water on-demand with a single tap on your smartphone.

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