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What are your home’s “5 Key Selling Points?”

Every property has at least five key selling points. What are they for your property?

It is critical that you and your realtor are acutely aware of what these five (at least) critical pointers are, identify them quickly to your realtor and repeat them whenever possible so that they are focused on them. In this crowded message world, repetition is the only way to have a message sink in.

Now you might say that your home is boring or bland and just does not have anything exciting to mention: having a bowling alley in the basement or a 2,000sf pool cabana is certainly impressive, but key selling points don’t necessarily have to be grandiose.

They can be practical and sensible too. Here is a list of some KEY SELLING POINTS that come to mind- you may have hundreds of others:

1. Beautiful views. (Maybe a city panorama, a lake, a pretty garden, a mountain, a_____?) Buyers pay a premium for views.

2. Prime location. Location truly matters: WHY is this location outstanding? For what specific reasons?

3. Price. An attractive price or potential upside always appeals.

4. Lots of space. Most people who are moving are seeking more space.

5. Condition. Who wants to do a huge renovation? Most people don’t these days. Or the condition being raw (at the right price) affords the opportunity to create a masterpiece?

6. Finishes. Who doesn’t love exceptional finishes, quality build-out, etc.

7. Flow: A home that flows well is not always the largest home. Well designed interior spaces are not always the largest.

8. Outdoor Space: Everyone loves some outdoor space. What specifically about your outdoor space is unique or wonderful?

9. Amenities: These could be either building or home-specific amenities. Some people love a great pool, tennis court, gym, parking, etc?

10. Technology: Home technology is impressive to many…..what specifically about your technology may be better, smarter, easier to use? Sometimes a simple NEST thermostat impresses!

A LONG list of TOP FEATURES is wonderful, but be sure you and your realtor identify the ‘TOP 5’ as a priority. Ask yourself and maybe a friend or two which are the BEST 5 features of your home- the ones that will make that property more distinctive when compared to its competitors. Speak to them. Repeat them. Message them boldly. Be sure your marketing images and words message these items clearly and with strength!

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