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What are the Essential Features of a Smart Home?

Remote-access Home

Efficiency, convenience, and energy conservation – these three things are crucial to the modern homeowner. There are many online articles and blogs that explain why making your home “smarter” is a wise, cost-effective choice, but what exactly makes a home “smart”?

What is a smart home?

According to Investopedia, a smart home is any kind of residential property equipped with internet-connected appliances and devices. These items are often wireless and can be monitored and controlled remotely using a smartphone or computer interface connected to the internet. 

Home automation is a modern age necessity

The main advantage of having a smart home is having most, if not all, of the home’s features automated. 

In this fast-paced technological age, everyone is usually on-the-go. If our usual habits and electronic usage at home can be further optimized or conserved in terms of time, energy, and money, it is considered a worthwhile investment.  

What makes a smart home “smart”?

Remote-access lighting and temperature control

Incorporating smart lighting and temperature control in your home can give you the ability to control your home’s lights and temperature through your mobile device.

You can also set schedules for your lights and AC/central heating, which will help you save on electricity. Most importantly, you’ll be doing your part to help the environment.

Automated home security

Do you ever feel anxious even after double- and triple-checking all your doors’ locks before leaving home or going to bed? That’s because sometimes a door lock isn’t going to cut it when an emergency happens.

Investing in smart home security can take a load off of your shoulders and give your property extra protection with features like:

  • Automated door locks,
  • Doorbells equipped with a security camera, 
  • Motion sensors that can alert you and relevant authorities if there’s suspicious movement around your home, 
  • Water sensors and smoke detectors that can detect unusual liquid flow or dangerous air quality such as high carbon monoxide levels
  • A security system that you or a home security professional can monitor from anywhere.  

Smart home hub

Having more than 10 smart devices in your home can slow down your Wi-Fi. But with a smart home hub, you can optimize internet speed and power performance. 

A smart home hub serves as the main control center for all your smart home devices and systems, such as lighting, temperature control, security, and home entertainment. This hub can sync with your devices and function as the main wireless protocol that connects and manages all of them.

So instead of having individual apps for each device, you can control them from your smart home hub app. It’s easier on your internet connection and provides extra security for your devices. 

Own a smart home in Ventura County today

Finding a home equipped with the latest smart technology can be like finding a needle in a haystack. 

I’m Teri Pacitto and I can help you find the perfect smart home in Ventura County. Get in touch with me by calling 805.494.4663 or sending an email to teri(dotted)pacitto(at)sir(dotted)com.

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