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The Pre Walk-through

The Pre-walk-through inspection for the sale of a home is one of the most important items that should be on your to-do list prior to the actual closing walk-through or verification of condition that happens a few days prior to the close of escrow on your home.

Some pre-closing walk-through inspections can get challenging if there are items within a property that are obviously not being delivered in the condition required by the contract. These items might include repairs or even items that are contractually agreed upon between buyer and seller.

It is best to do a pre-walk-through walk-through inspection so that you have the time to address any issues that may arise and proactively prevent them from being an issue at the pre-closing final walk-through.

Often the issues that arise are small and petty… and easily resolved. We have all heard many stories about items that were removed and assumed that they remain as well as things left in a home that were not to remain. These issues may seem small but often they create bigger issues that could have been resolved if a pre-walkthrough with the buyer and seller or representatives happened before the actual close.

The key to a happy and successful walk-through inspection is to clearly communicate to your seller or buyer what is expected of them WELL BEFORE the closing to allow them the time to deliver this. It is always wisest to clean a property thoroughly, although sometimes this can be complicated by a last-minute move-out. Very clean empty homes please buyers. Some smart sellers even go so far as to paint before closing.

Another area that needs focus before it becomes THE focus includes: inclusions and exclusions. Be certain to have that list clearly defined and part of the contract of sale. Identifying slip-ups a few days before the final walk-though allows you to correct any oversights or errors. Obvious damages should be repaired. Any items or mechanicals that do not function should be repaired unless the contract CLEARLY allows non-functioning items and specifies what they are. Buyers are entitled to close on a property in the condition that they saw it at the time of going to contract and what was agreed upon during the time it was under contract.

Your agent should always step in and be proactive here. If something cannot be repaired or replaced in time of closing, negotiate some form of compensation BEFORE the final walk through or at the closing table.

Evaluating the condition of a property with the eyes of a buyer BEFORE that buyer comes in for the final walk-through inspection can save everyone – especially you – lots of time and aggravation.

The value of hiring the right agent is key to a successful sale as well as less stress for you. The Pacitto Group has represented local home Buyers, Sellers and Investors in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties for over 31 years. Buying or selling a home is probably one of the largest investments you will make. When interviewing agents evaluate and listen carefully to what they tell you and make sure they can articulate the process of how they will bring value to you when representing one of the largest transactions you might ever make.

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