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Investing in Smart Home Tech Boosts Resale Value

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From convenience to energy efficiency, smart home technology can improve your life in more ways than one. But can smart home upgrades drive up your property’s resale value?

The answer is “Yes”, according to the Forbes Real Estate Council. So, what kind of smart home devices are buyers willing to pay for? Here are some examples:

  1. Keyless code entry system

    This smart home upgrade not only keeps your home more secure; it also allows family members to enter the property any time with relative ease, and without the need for physical keys. Although keyless code entry systems are more commonly associated with vacation properties, it’s also a great selling point for residential properties, especially if the occupants have erratic schedules and need ready access to the home. It’s also ideal for heavily staffed households, allowing cooks, cleaners, and plumbers to enter freely to get their work done.

  2. Video doorbells

    45% of buyers want a video doorbell, according to a National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) survey. With more homeowners getting food and other items delivered to their homes, video doorbells can make it easier for residents to know who’s at the door without having to open it right away. The same goes for buyers who like entertaining at home, and who invite guests regularly. This helps enhance overall security of the home, deterring intruders and offering homeowners more privacy.

  3. No-touch faucets and light switches

    With buyers realizing the importance of sanitation and disinfection during a pandemic, no-touch faucets and light switches have become a popular smart home feature, reducing the need to touch surfaces where germs and viruses can accumulate. Aside from encouraging frequent hand-washing, these smart home fixtures also make household chores and other basic tasks like rinsing glassware more convenient.

  4. Smart air purification and filtration systems

    Aside from regular cleaning and vacuuming, a smart air purification system can help improve indoor air quality. These filtration systems can help reduce the amount of indoor pollutants and allergens like smoke from cooking, dust, and pollen so that those who inhabit the home can stay healthy and enjoy a high quality of life.

  5. Ultra-green and energy-efficient smart home ecosystems

    Buyers are ready to pay a premium for energy-efficient, high-performance smart homes systems. These fully integrated systems can translate to significant cost savings and help homeowners minimize their impact on the environment. They can also help prolong the lifespan of home appliances and devices.

  6. Strong wireless networks and well-designed home offices

    With more people working from home, it has become increasingly important for properties to have a strong and reliable wireless network that allow disparate pieces of home office equipment to function cohesively as a whole. Having a robust wifi network throughout the property allows for more flexibility, enabling residents to use their favorite devices whenever, wherever.

  7. Smart programmable thermostats

    Smart thermostats offer homeowners comfort and convenience while at the same time helping lower the costs of heating and cooling. If you’ve ever experienced having uneven temperatures throughout the home, with cold and warm spots here and there, investing in a smart programmable thermostat can help address the problem.

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