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Five Ways To Help Buyers Fall In Love With Your Home

Roses are red, violets are blue help buyers fall in love with your home like it’s brand new.

So you’re ready to sell your home. Buyers will start trickling into your humble abode soon but is it buyer ready? A home from a buyer’s perspective should be somewhat of a blank canvas. They want to envision their own personal style, aesthetic and decor in the home they’re potentially buying.

Before welcoming prospective buyers into your home there are five ways to help increase the chances that your home will bring in more potential buyers and sell fast. Here is a list of tips to get your home the best chance possible of a fast sale:

Curb Appeal: A buyer’s first impression starts with the front door. Therefore, it’s imperative that it stands out and really welcomes people into your home. Repaint chipped or older paint on the patio, window trims and front door with fresh and modern colors to grab the buyer’s attention. By simply adding fresh soil and a few plants to the front of the home it can renew the landscaping. Clean up and style your front doorway so it’s inviting and feels new. That means putting away the last of any holiday decor and shoes and perhaps a new entryway mat to greet your prospective buyers. So simple yet so impactful- call it your home’s five-minute facelift.

Declutter Your Space: Make your home appear bigger- do this by clearing your space. When it comes to styling your home for selling fast- less is definitely more. Take down walls cluttered with wall hangings or plants as to make the walls appear more open. Clean out all of the unnecessities- the coffee table that has a stack of magazines should be cleared, the console table with a pile of mail should be neatly put away. Laundry room should be clear of piles of clothes. Kitchen countertops should be minimalistic to show off more counter space. Unnecessary furniture in a room should be taken out. You get the idea. The more organized and less cluttered your home is the easier it is for people to really see the home for its true potential and the bigger it will appear! Designer and blogger Rachel from Maison de Pax has a great blog post on how to organize and declutter your home.

Add Light: Think bright, open and fresh. The newest design trend is to fill the home with light so it’s a happy and inviting place for guests. Take down any heavy or dated window coverings and replace with neutral colors that can be pulled back. Lastly, updating dated or broken shades is a small detail that makes a big impact in the overall aesthetic of the home.

Rearrange Furniture: The flow in your home is huge when people see your living space from room-to-room. By following some key design ideas as see here in designers Studio McGee’s post you can transform your space simply by using the furniture you already have!

Color of Walls: The color of the walls plays a huge part in the mood and style of your home. It’s best to avoid anything too bold or harsh so you can attract buyers from all different styles and tastes. Even in the children’s bedrooms, it’s best to tone down the boldness of the wall color to make it easier for potential buyers to see themselves in that space. Designer Monica Hibbs has a great post on how to choose the right paint for your home.

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