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Downsizing or Right Sizing

Downsizing or right-sizing to a different lifestyle, be closer to family, have a shorter commute, or for just the minimalist lifestyle, changing the size of your space always with a few surprises along the way.

When you’re used to more space, just the thought of changing to a smaller living space can be a challenging one.  Isn’t bigger better?  After all I have all this stuff but in reality we’re you just storing your own stuff and in actuality it’s stuff you might not even be using or really need.

Just taking a step towards a smaller floor plan or footprint can offer many benefits: smaller homes are often easier to maintain, more environmentally friendly, and can suit a lifestyle of travel and multiple pursuits. If you’re considering taking the leap to downsize here are a few points to consider.

Find Your Why

Think about your reasons to downsize or rightsize.  Don’t let an empty nest or hot real estate market push you into downsizing before you’re ready. Consider and write down all your ideas and options for your new home.  Importantly list your reasons for making a timely change and make sure they are your own and not what others say or think you should do.

You may suddenly find you no longer use all the space in your home and this space can include inside as well as outside space.  Both of these factors can play a role in the decisions you make for your new home.  You might want the same size home but on a smaller lot or maybe a larger lot and a smaller home or possibly the same size home without pool – this is what we call right sizing. There’s no one size fits all what it comes to your home.  Making a list and having your reasons in front of you will help define your new home search and can also serve as a helpful reminder guide during the downsizing process.

Cut the Clutter Donate, Keep, Toss, or Store

Eliminating or reshuffling personal items is a necessity when you change your home and especially the size of your home and will likely necessitate a shuffle of furnishings and décor.  Having less square footage doesn’t mean a home with less style it does mean making a decision about what you need and what you can eliminate knowing you will have less space.

An early start for the process of downsizing with at least three months before your actual move is best. It’s time to let go of the furnishings that never quite suited your style.  We have many options for guiding our clients as well as sourcing fresh furnishings and ideas to create your new home in your new space.

Moving and changing your space can be an exciting time in your life, but it can also be one of the most stressful times. Creating a plan and being prepared for your new lifestyle will help make the transition easier.

Conceived in the belief that home and living are inextricably entwined The Pacitto Group has created a service of concierge level real estate for an exceptional real estate experience for our clients.  We adhere to a fundamental goal of making life easier when it’s time to move.

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