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Lake Sherwood Real Estate

Sherwood blends a magical co-existence of a gracious country club, an incomparable community of spectacular fairways, mountain and lake vistas, stunning Ventura homes, ageless architecture and abundant recreational opportunities. This close-knit community nestled alongside the Santa Monica Mountains offers cool ocean air that bypasses through the mountains year-round.

Behind the main gates of Sherwood are several expansive private estates with impressive architecture that blends seamlessly with the soaring trees, lake, and golf course views. Trentwood townhomes also reside behind the main guard gates and offer residents privacy and sophistication of the area. Amid these lush sculpted grounds and rolling hills of the golf course are several protected areas that preserve the local natural habitat. The Lake Sherwood community has gained global recognition for its exclusivity and opulent estates, providing several celebrities and notable professionals with an ideal location.

The Sherwood Country Club has been known to host several exclusive golf events from the Shark Shootout to the World Challenge (PGA Tour Event). Members of the Country Club are provided access to an array of amenities that include fine dining, tennis, golf, pool, and spa and gym facilities.

The Meadows at Sherwood and The Glen at Sherwood are among several smaller secluded gated communities in the area that offer residents single-family living. These neighborhoods are lined with traditional single-family homes, pristine landscaping, and provide easy access to the Country Club, dining and shopping options.

Lake Sherwood Homes For Sale

Welcome to Lake Sherwood!

Lake Sherwood has long attracted A-list celebrities, high-powered executives, and elite athletes. It’s easy to see why: the breathtaking location, stunning houses, deluxe country clubs, and world-class fairways are all a draw for those who want to enjoy a distinguished lifestyle.

Beyond this exclusive community’s gates is a world where luxury comes standard — and in this comprehensive community guide, we give you a peek into it.

Quick facts about Lake Sherwood

The heart of this neighborhood is the eponymous reservoir lake, one of Ventura County’s most scenic attractions and the oldest lake of its kind in California. With Lake Sherwood’s renowned country clubs, championship golf courses, and proximity to nature, you’ll have countless options for leisure and relaxation. It’s one of the reasons why this guard-gated community is considered the crown jewel of Conejo Valley’s real estate market.

For those interested in buying homes for sale in Lake Sherwood, here’s what you need to know about the neighborhood:


Home to around 1,600 residents, Lake Sherwood is bordered by Thousand Oaks to the north, Malibu Springs to the southwest, Hidden Valley to the west, and Westlake Village to the east. Despite its secluded and peaceful location, this lakeside community is only less than an hour’s drive away from downtown Los Angeles and its top-notch restaurants, cultural attractions, and shopping districts.


Lake Sherwood benefits from California’s famously balmy weather. The area gets around 273 sunny days per year and less than 20 inches of rain annually. The abundant sunshine means any day is a great day to frolic in the lake or explore the great outdoors. The summer heat peaks at around 89℉, while winter temperatures bottom out at 44℉. The weather in Lake Sherwood is most pleasant from May to June and October.


If you’re the jet-setter type, you’ll be happy to know that Lake Sherwood is served by both Los Angeles International Airport and Hollywood/Burbank Airport.

Commuters will also have an easy time getting around, thanks to Potrero Road, the main thoroughfare that connects Lake Sherwood to neighboring communities. Further east is Westlake Boulevard, which links the area to U.S. Route 101. From Potrero Road, if you follow Highway 23 all the way down, it will take you to the beach cities of Malibu and the beautiful Ventura County coastline.

A brief history of Lake Sherwood

The Chumash were the original inhabitants of Conejo Valley where Lake Sherwood is located. Spanish explorers discovered the area in the late 1700s by passing through Potrero Valley (modern-day Hidden Valley).

California became part of the United States in 1850 shortly after the Mexican-American War, which would catalyze growth and development in the area.

In 1904, prominent rancher W.H. Matthiessen built Alturas Dam to create Potrero Lake, which would later be called Lake Sherwood. This reservoir was eventually opened to the public in the 1930s, making it a popular local attraction.

Hollywood came knocking in 1922 when the film adaptation of Robin Hood was shot here. It is said that the area so resembled Sherwood Forest in England that the lake was eventually named after it.

Dayton Realty purchased the lake and the surrounding land in 1963 to start a residential development. The company would also drain the lake in 1983 on the pretext of testing its structural integrity.

The lakeside community was then bought by billionaire David Murdock in 1985, who developed three gated communities, along with the Sherwood Country Club and Sherwood Lake Club. Heavy rains began filling up the dam again, though it had earlier become private property and was thus no longer accessible to non-residents.

Today, Lake Sherwood is a thriving community that offers high-end suburban living in a beautiful lakeside setting. From a neglected lake in the 1960s, it is now one of Ventura County’s premier real estate markets.

Homes for sale in Lake Sherwood

900 W Stafford Road

Given Lake Sherwood’s stunning location, it’s unsurprising that homes here command a premium. Properties in the community typically fetch around $3.4 million, though quite a few list for upward of $10 million.

The wholesome and peaceful environment is certainly a draw, especially if you want a less crowded and more laid-back community to live in. Houses here provide ample space, making them ideal for working and studying remotely — a must in the new normal.

Many of the luxury homes in the neighborhood have excellent views of the lake. Their proximity to the water also means that owners can indulge in leisure activities whenever they wish to.

Homes for sale in Lake Sherwood usually fall into three categories:

  • Single-family homes

    The prevalent property type in the area, a single-family home is completely detached and shares no common areas with neighboring properties. A single-family home in Lake Sherwood usually has 3-4 bedrooms and measures between 3,000 to 5,000 square feet.

  • Townhomes

    Townhomes are an alternative to the typical single-family home. These multi-level structures are built in a row, meaning they share at least one wall with the neighboring unit. What it lacks in sheer square footage it more than makes up for with its multiple stories, allowing owners to have all the comforts of a standard house. The only such development near Lake Sherwood is Trentwood Townhomes in Thousand Oaks, which has excellent views of both the lake and the surrounding mountains.

  • Undeveloped Land

    The area around Lake Sherwood also features vacant land and home sites so you can custom-build your dream home. Undeveloped land is often expansive, measuring anywhere from half to multiple acres. Prime lots typically front the lake, giving you breathtaking views and access to the lake.

Homes for sale in Lake Sherwood are distinctive and fittingly come with luxurious features. These include expansive master bedrooms, spacious walk-in closets, state-of-the-art entertainment rooms, gourmet kitchens, and spa-like bathrooms. Many properties also come with highly desirable amenities, such as private fitness centers, resort-inspired pools, tennis courts, and dedicated game rooms.

There’s a variety of architectural styles to be found in Lake Sherwood, too. Some homes are built in the Hampton style, with its quaint but elegant simplicity. Others are in the Colonial style and boast stately facades reminiscent of English manors. You will also find cabin-inspired designs utilizing natural materials that evoke rustic comfort. Many of the properties sport modern and contemporary architecture as well. Whatever your preferences might be, you’re sure to find a house that suits your tastes.

Living in Lake Sherwood

By now you have a clearer understanding of what makes Lake Sherwood so special. But what is it really like to live in this high-end community? Read on to get the inside scoop:

Clubhouse Amenities

A woman playing golf

Lake Sherwood is home to not one but two exclusive country clubs: Sherwood Lake Club and Sherwood Country Club. No matter which club you join, you can enjoy unparalleled leisure amenities such as:

  • Golf courses — There’s a reason why residents sing the praises of the fairways in Lake Sherwood’s country clubs: none other than Jack Nicklaus himself designed them. Sherwood Lake Club is home to the first-ever “Bear’s Best” par-3 fairway in the country, referring to the three sets of immaculately sculpted tees handpicked by Nicklaus from his earlier designs. Sherwood Country Club, meanwhile, features an 18-hole championship course that has hosted events featuring legendary players like Tiger Woods and Greg Norman. And don’t worry if you’re new to the sport as both clubs offer one-on-one instruction and group clinics.

  • Tennis courts — If tennis is more to your liking, the two clubs have tennis courts with championship-caliber surfaces. They’re open as early as 8 A.M. to members and are ideal for training sessions and friendly matches alike. This facility is open only to club members, but you can invite a limited number of guests, too.

  • Fitness center — Another perk of being a clubhouse member is exclusive access to private gyms. These facilities offer state-of-the-art workout equipment. You can also hire a certified personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goals. There’s a full range of options to choose from, including cardio, strength, and flexibility equipment. For your convenience, there are also lockers, saunas, and showers available.

  • Swimming pools — Want to get your heart racing without breaking a sweat? Then the clubs’ swimming pools should be right up your alley. Food and drinks are usually served in the summer, and the pools are heated during winter to ensure the members’ comfort. There’s also a lounging area and a wading pool for kids.

  • Dining — The clubhouses serve as the social hub of Lake Sherwood, where you’ll see residents brunching together after a game of golf or tennis. As you’d expect, the dishes are prepared by top-notch chefs using only the finest ingredients and culinary techniques. The clubhouse’s restaurants are a great place to get to know your new neighbors.

As you can see, Lake Sherwood is a place where you can unplug and unwind, where every single day feels like a well-deserved vacation from the bustle of daily life. Investing in homes for sale in Lake Sherwood will grant you access to this relaxed, slow-paced lifestyle and all the recreational activities that come with it.

Things to do in Lake Sherwood

Two boys riding a kayak

Lake Sherwood offers no shortage of fun activities, from outdoor recreation to shopping and dining.

Neighborhood activities

  • Water recreation
    Lake Sherwood’s reservoir spans 165 acres and has the distinction of being the oldest man-made lake in California. Its tranquil waters are the perfect venue for all kinds of water activities, from boating and kayaking to paddleboarding.

  • Fishing
    Avid anglers will definitely love living in Lake Sherwood. The reservoir is regularly stocked with fish like largemouth bass, tiger muskie, and channel catfish, so you can always look forward to a good catch. You can fish on the shore or rent a boat to cast your line further afield.

  • Hiking
    With Lake Sherwood located at the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, you’ll have your pick of excellent hiking trails. Lake Sherwood Trail, Upper Meadow Trail, and Meadow Mountain Trail all provide excellent views of the lake, the rolling hills, and the luxury homes that dot the landscape.

Food and drink

A chef plating a meal

Conejo Valley is a food lover’s paradise, offering an array of restaurants that will surely satisfy your every craving. Lake Sherwood residents often enjoy these top-rated dining establishments:

  • Moody Rooster The Moody Rooster marries artisanal ingredients with innovative culinary techniques to create an unforgettable dining experience. When you drop by, be sure to sample best-sellers like the stuffed duck with frisée & mustard vinaigrette or the albacore carpaccio with fennel pollen & crispy capers.

  • Chocolatine French Cafe — Who says you have to travel to Paris to savor excellent French cuisine? Just book a table at Chocolatine French Café and let Chefs Sandrine and Ludovic Gaudin take you on a culinary journey. Must-try fare include classics like the chocolate croissant, quiche, and Croque Monsieur.

  • Agoura Wine & Beer Co. — Good food is best paired with good drinks, and Agoura Wine & Beer Co. is your one-stop shop for fine alcoholic beverages. It sells a comprehensive selection of beers, wines, and brandies, along with limited-edition offerings. If you’re not quite sure which bottle to get, the store also holds regular wine tastings where you can sample a curated selection of drinks.


Lake Sherwood is a mostly residential area, but neighboring cities provide convenient and comprehensive shopping destinations. Among them are:

  • Westlake Plaza — More than just a shopping destination, Westlake Plaza is a place where retail and nostalgia intersect. It has served the Lake Sherwood region for almost 50 years and its paseos, canopies, and backyard patios give it a distinctly communal vibe. Needless to say, it has everything you could ever need, from grocery stores and specialty shops to salons, and more.

  • The Lakes at Thousand Oaks — True to its name, this retail center boasts two lakes that make shopping here a truly scenic experience. Spanning 7.5 acres, The Lakes at Thousand Oaks feels less like a mall and more like a park thanks to features like a children’s playground, a rose garden, and a grove of native oak trees. Is it any wonder why it has become one of the most beloved shopping districts in Conejo Valley?

  • The Promenade at Westlake — This popular shopping center is home to almost two dozen stores that offer beauty products, fine jewelry, children’s toys, trendy apparel, and more. The Promenade at Westlake is a foodie wonderland, too, thanks to its diverse collection of great restaurants. For a deluxe movie-going experience, head over to Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas, which has a full bar and in-theater service.

Outdoor recreation

Communing with nature is easy if you live in Lake Sherwood. As long-time residents know, there are many state parks within an hour’s drive from the community, including:

  • Point Mugu State Park Point Mugu State Park sees the serene Santa Monica Mountains merge with the majestic Pacific Ocean. Mountain and beach lovers alike will have a great time exploring this outdoor wonderland. After all, what better way to cool off after a hike than by taking a dip in the sea?

  • Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park — If you like your day hikes served with a side of history, check out the Santa Susana Pass. For decades, this rocky passage was a major trade and travel route between the Tongva, Tataviam, and Chumash tribes. It later served as the primary land route between San Francisco and Los Angeles. It’s a fairly easy trek and you might see local wildlife on the trail.

  • Malibu Creek State Park — Often referred to as the Yosemite Park of Southern California, Malibu Creek State Park has been featured in countless movies and TV shows — a testament to its picturesque surroundings. Keep your cameras on standby as there are plenty of Instagram-worthy sights to see, including rustling streams, jagged cliff peaks, tallgrass prairies, and a large volcanic swimming hole.

Live a life of leisure at Lake Sherwood

Homes for sale in Lake Sherwood are your gateway to the good life — and The Pacitto Group can help you become part of this sought-after community.

As a specialist in the luxury real estate market, we have deep insight into the process of acquiring high-end homes in Ventura County. Our impeccable track record has led to many recognitions, including ranking consistently in the Top 1% of Realtors in our market. You can rest assured that you will receive tried-and-tested real estate advice throughout every step of your home buying or selling journey.

A part of the renowned Sotheby’s International Realty family, The Pacitto Group provides concierge-level services. Expect to be treated like a VIP.

It would be our pleasure to welcome you to the beautiful neighborhood of Lake Sherwood. Get in touch with The Pacitto Group today by calling 805.494.4663 or by sending an email to teri(dotted)pacitto(at)sir(dotted)com.

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