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7 Essential Questions to Ask When Buying New Construction Homes

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The wide range of fine real estate opportunities in Westlake Village, CA includes new construction properties. If this is your first time to consider buying a house during the building or pre-construction stage, the following questions will come in handy to guide the most important decisions about your purchase.

  1. What else has the builder made in the past?
  2. If you’re buying a pre-built home, you are banking on the builder’s reputation to deliver a finished product that meets your needs and expectations. Learning more about the builder’s previous projects—including visiting a few of them if your schedule and circumstances allow it—will help you assess and gain more confidence in the quality of their work.

  3. Will my home have the same features and finishes as the model home?
  4. When buying new construction, you’ll base a lot of your decisions on what you see in the model home. Manage your expectations carefully, because models typically use premium or custom finishes to showcase the absolute best features of a unit or house. Make sure that you know the differences between your home’s standard features and upgrade options, because the latter will likely cost you extra.

  5. What upgrades can I get?
  6. Builders are more inclined to offer incentives rather than price discounts for new construction properties in order to keep their unit prices standard. Bonus amenities like appliance upgrades or free installation services are offered, instead of direct price cuts. Other incentives come in the form of discounts on closing costs, especially if you take out a mortgage using the builder’s preferred lender. Find out how you can maximize these incentives based on your needs and preferences.

  7. Can I bring in my own appliances?
  8. In cases where the builder does not carry or has no access to your preferred appliances or fixtures, you may need to buy them on your own. Ask whether doing so can result in builder credits that you can use to upgrade other parts or features of your home.

  9. Is a professional inspection still necessary?
  10. Yes. Just because a house or unit is brand new does not mean that it will be problem-free. Investing in a proper inspection is a practical measure to ensure your comfort and safety before you move in, as well as during the first few months or years of your stay. If your inspection reveals any notable issues, report these to the builder immediately so they can provide appropriate repairs or other suitable contingency measures.

  11. What does the warranty cover? Can I avail of extended warranty terms?
  12. Be sure to ask your builder about the warranty terms for your new property. This will allow you to plan for your maintenance and repair expenses accordingly. If you prefer and can afford to extend your warranty, ask about this option, as well. The convenience you gain may be worth the additional cost.

  13. Do I still need a real estate agent to buy a new construction home?
  14. Like any homebuying endeavor, purchasing a new construction property is more fruitful when you work with a competent, experienced, and insightful real estate agent. With a reliable local agent helping you explore the market for quality new construction, you gain:

    • Access the latest local listings that best fit your needs and interests
    • Reliable financing options in your area
    • Expert advice on your chosen property’s long-term resale value
    • Guidance on all the paperwork and fine print involved in your purchase

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