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4 Reasons Why Ventura County Is a Great Place to Live In

Ventura County City beach view

Truth be told, you’ll find more than a handful of oceanfront communities throughout California. But you’ll rarely find comfort and pleasure coming as easily as they do in Ventura County, California.

Here are a few reasons why Ventura’s slice of the California coastline will make you want to live here.

  1. Ventura County has no shortage of stylish beachfront homes

    There are several beachfront homes for sale in Ventura that will suit a wide array of preferences. Some of these properties are located in the most exclusive neighborhoods and some have access to the best beaches in all of Ventura County.

    Architectural styles also take advantage of Ventura’s coastal location in a number of ways. Whether it’s patios and balconies overlooking the ocean, light hardwood floors that evoke the quintessential beach vibe, or the airy open layout design.

  2. Ventura County is not as hectic as LA

    Living in Ventura County is life without the vexing hustle and bustle of big, hectic big cities. You’re less likely to get stuck in a traffic jam in Ventura. The tourist population is well-managed. Plus, it’s easy going in and out of downtown or visiting nearby metro areas.

    So if you do decide to head to Los Angeles or spend a day or two in San Francisco, that’s fairly easy to do. Taking the US-101 southbound brings you to LA in just a little over an hour. The northbound route of that highway takes you to SF within six hours.

    It’s the best of both – or multiple – worlds here in Ventura County!

  3. Ventura County has an authentic foodie culture

    Great food, exquisite wine, and finely crafted beers are some of the best things about Ventura.

    There’s a thriving farmers’ market held every week in the downtown area, where people can sample local gourmet offerings and purchase fresh produce and artisanal products.

    Try out a wide selection of craft beers from Anacapa Brewing, Surf Brewery, and Topa Topa. Outdoor dining is an option in many of these types of establishments. Or, head over to the city of Ojai where you’ll find picturesque wineries like Old Creek Ranch and Casa Barranca.

  4. Ventura County is an outdoor paradise

    While there are many ways to relax and enjoy the finer things in life here in Ventura, this is also an ideal place for outdoor enthusiasts.

    The rugged landscape in the county’s northwestern portion makes for an ideal spot for several activities. You can go for a hike in the Topatopa Mountains or explore the vast Los Padres National Forest.

    But don’t fret water and beach lovers. You can venture 15 miles off the Ventura coast to find the Channel Islands. Famously known as the American Galapagos, this group of islands is home to a remarkable set of wildlife species. What’s more, they have one of the best panoramic views of the Pacific and the Southern California coastline.

Kickstart your property search in Ventura County today

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