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4 Reasons to Make Your Home “Smarter”

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Smart home technology is all the rage these days. Is it just hype, or do these home automation solutions really offer notable advantages to the modern homeowner?

We here at The Pacitto Group believe that the “smart home” is more than just a buzzword. Here are four practical reasons for you to upgrade to smart appliance systems at home:

  1. Day-to-day living is going to be a lot more convenient
  2. Imagine having control over every electronic device in and around your house either at your fingertips or using nothing more than a simple voice command. Smart home appliances connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network, enabling you to operate them via an app on your mobile phone or through artificial intelligence (AI) “assistants.”

    On top of adding an element of fun to your day-to-day appliance use, these innovations are wonderful for owners of large, sprawling houses. Because most, if not all, of your appliances are centrally connected through your home network, you can easily and instantly adjust your thermostat, play your favorite music, turn the TV on or off, and switch the lights off and on wherever you are inside your home.

  3. Your home will be safer and more secure
  4. One of the most practical applications of modern smart home technology is in digital security systems. Thanks to smart technology, home security is now far more sophisticated than just alarms and video recordings. Advanced security cameras are designed to connect to the internet, enabling homeowners to monitor their home’s security footage in real time, no matter where they may be.

    Digital technology has also improved door locks. If you’re the type of person who tends to lose house keys often, a digital door lock will be perfect. Just type in a digital code to unlock it, or even just tap an app-enabled mobile phone in case you also have trouble remembering passwords. No longer do you have to worry about the risks of losing your keys.

  5. Save more on your power bills—and go easier on the environment, too
  6. Modern appliances and electronic fixtures are already designed with energy efficiency in mind. Better yet, when you use them together in a unified, digitally connected smart home “ecosystem,” you will feel the advantages of greater long-term savings on your electricity bills. When your electric appliances are automated or can be controlled remotely through a central input device (either your smartphone or virtual AI assistant), it’s a lot easier to cut down on unnecessary power consumption around the house.

  7. You can boost your property’s future resale value
  8. Investing in smart home technology is a strategic way to “future-proof” your property. Remember, homebuyers are always drawn to top-of-the-line or state-of-the-art appliances, so upgrading to smart features can effectively boost the perceived and actual value of your home.

    The best thing about smart home tech is it’s not an expensive investment. And not only that, it’s an upgrade that you can instantly enjoy and maximize, as well. You don’t have to wait years to reap the benefits from a lucrative home sale.

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